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22nd January 2021 


I am a BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I qualified at Birkbeck college, 2004. I have over 42 years of related work experience. where I have worked with a wide range of issues (please see areas of speciality below).

Philosophy / approach

Psycho-dynamic, Attachment and Systemic theories form much of the backdrop to my approach.
In a nutshell, this means that there are many factors which influence who we become; starting with the interplay between the characteristics we are born with and our early life experience (particularly our close relationships). This has a continuing, though not always conscious, influence on our everyday lives and affects the way we relate to others, and our ability to form lasting and positive relationships.

The choices of those we wish to be close to are influenced by our experiences and our hopes. Those closest to us will have a continuing influence on us. When our choices have been good we flourish. When they are not so good they can confirm our worst fears reinforcing destructive patterns of relating. I am very interested in helping people think about their relationships with an aim to help you break out of old destructive patterns and identifying more constructive ways being with each other.

Areas of speciality:

Anxiety and Stress
Low self esteem and self confidence
Panic attacks
Relationships problems
Child related issues
Physical, sexual and emotional abuse
Self harm

I have had particular expertise in working with loss, bereavement, disability and chronic illness.

I have been been fortunate to have the opportunity of working with a broad range of people: female and male, gay and straight, young and elderly, different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
My particular style of working has developed with my own experience of what has been most effective in helping people achieve positive change. I am not dogmatic about my approach and will alter my approach to suit each individuals needs.